InterHealth uses an “ownership” approach when assigning staff to work with our clients. We feel as though we are an extension of your practice and that the team members assigned to your project should be intimately involved with the day to day operations and the staff at the clients location. By “owning” that project, they are familiar with the insurance plans, the physician tendencies, the staff at the practice and its processes.

We feel as though trust is one of the biggest obstacles in the beginning of an outsourced billing relationship. So, to eliminate those nerves, we offer many custom options to get practices set up. No two practices are alike, therefore, the custom approach works well. For instance, we may come onsite for this initial setup and then visit monthly or quarterly in person to have a more face-to-face relationship. We also try to set up scheduled calls to go over performance, audits, reporting, financials, etc.

InterHealth has worked with several EHR companies over the years and continues to add staff with expertise in additional software options. In a situation where we have not had specific experience with a particular vendor, we have hired a super user for training and worked directly with the software vendor to train our staff on posting, coding and reporting in that system. It has not proven to be an issue with any vendor to date and we are transparent through our training to ensure confidence between the client and software vendors.

Collecting your monies is job one for InterHealth. We realize that there is a premium that needs to be put on timeliness of payments from not only the vendors but also the patients that have AR with the providers. We have taken on many projects that have required a clean up and decrease in days in AR. Our company standard is to have our team member get the AR days to an appropriate number based on the specialty and requirements of that particular state.

InterHealth also works with the practice to ensure that all balances are posted daily to the accounts and that all patient balances are followed up on through phone calls and statements before being turned over to our collection agency. In the beginning of our relationship with the client, we set up a practice policy regarding payment arrangements and bad-debt collection philosophies.

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